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LOGLINE: Unrepentant Christians on their way to hell are offered a second chance at life.

SYNOPSIS: It's what THE DEVIL doesn’t want us to know -- raw, uncut truth about salvation, the world and sin. Toss in some big-time action-packed drama and you got yourself the hottest inspirational television show yet to hit the small screen. GOD has never looked so good!

Introducing THE KING'S DOME an episodic TV series that will make us laugh, cry, think, but most importantly remind us why we are alive and what’s worth living for. Embracing the Torah as the foundation of all scripture, Christ being the focal point, the show bridges the gap between old and new testament scripture and encourages believers from all walks of life to repent of their sins and seek the one true God. The show also illustrates Elohim's absolute love & faithfulness towards mankind in a fallen world.

God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved. If that were not enough, in these last days, God has poured out His Spirit upon all flesh and has mapped out ways by which the souls of men can be drawn to Him. In the King's dome we see God employing a special way to convince men of His existence, His love for humanity, and the reality of the two ends of eternity -- heaven and hell. A world of supernatural phenomenons, true, but let us refer to the King's dome as God’s little hub of reconciliation, a world where ordinary men and women of every kindred, tongue and nation are offered the free gift of salvation and eternal life in Jesus Christ, King of Heaven!

Here’s how it works: An unrepentant believer who has died and on their way to hell arrive at the King's dome where they are firstly; convicted of their sins, secondly; called out of the world and into a relationship with Jesus Christ, thirdly; indwelled with the Holy Spirit, fourthly; instructed to “repent and live”, fifthly; forewarned of the consequences. The believer is then sent back to earth where a fallen angel and an angel of God go head-to-head in a battle for their soul.

Failure to repent of one’s sins comes with a high price. Not only will we face judgment but we will ultimately lose our life and forever be separated from our Creator who loves and wants the best for us. The scriptures repeatedly warns the wrath of God will be poured out on disobedient, unrepentant sinners for all eternity in hell.

NOTE: The episodes were written for TV and include 4 acts + teaser. Some episodes include A and B story lines, other episodes include A story + Runner.  If you would like to help bring these teleplays to life, or to request a reading sample, contact Michell.

If this show makes it to screen great, if not, that's fine too. One thing is for sure, I'm not prepared to sit back any longer and wait on Hollywood or anyone else to green light my show. THE TRUTH MUST PREVAIL The below teleplays may be read via book format. I will not gain any profits from book sales. You will pay only shipping and the cost to manufacturer the book. My love gift to you. Folks, I'm not ashamed to say that, I'm madly in love with Jesus Christ and adamant about getting the truth of God out into the, at the same time, expose the devil's lies. I truly believe that most people would obey and honor God if they only knew the truth of His way. Unfortunately, most Christians worship the wrong God due to the inheritance of Babylon through Greece and Rome - pagan worship traditions, such as Christmas and Easter and Sunday School, RELIGIOUS practices affiliated with sun Gods, have penetrated the Christian world. You can rest assured, Almighty God is NOT RELIGIOUS. Religion adds or takes away from God's teachings and commandments plainly laid out in the first five books of the Holy Bible. Examples of religions are certain sects of Christianity, Judaism (oral torah), Buddhism, Islam and the like. 


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The first volume of the book includes nine episodes (#1, #3, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #13, #14)  Match the numbers on the left with the numbers below for more information on each episode.


The second volume of the book will include twelve episodes (#2, #5, #7, #9, #11, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21)  Match the numbers on the left with the numbers below for more information on each episode.


 1.     CHALLENGED BY FAITH [PILOT] - A man's faith is challenged after his wife dies of cancer.

 2.     FRUIT OF BONDAGE - The life of a drug addict tormented by an evil spirit

 3.     HARVEST OF HATE - A member of the Klan finds out he's part Jewish. 

 4.     VANITY OF WEALTH - A rich merciless businessman loses it all and learns to appreciate life without a lot of money.

 5.     SUBDUED BY ANGER - An angry, selfish man struggles to maintain his temper at home and work.

 6.     SUCKER FOR LOVE - A gay man comes to learn the true meaning of love.

 7.     HOLY SINS - A Catholic Bishop is confronted and exposed after three of his victims take their life.

 8.     EVOLUTION OF TRUTH - An scientist sets out to change the world with his new formula. 

 9.     FREEDOM TO KILL - An MMA fighter will stop at nothing to claim the heavyweight title of the world.

10.    AGE BEFORE BEAUTY - An old lady uses her age as an excuse to sin. 

11.    YOUNG AND ADULTEROUS - A popular college student caught up in a reckless lifestyle has an abortion and later finds out that her child lives.

12.    THE HUNT - The story of a Taxidermist who kills for sport and pleasure. 

13.    COUNTERFEIT CHRISTIANITY - A televangelist living large finds out what it means to be a true Christian.

14.    HEART OF LOCUST - A stingy man gets a taste of his own medicine. 

15.    CRAFTY LIES - A medium comes to learn about the true dangers of fortune-telling.

16.    LAW OVER LOVE - A cop obsessed with upholding the law finds himself at the mercy of the people he hates.

17.    WORLD OF IDOLS - A struggling actor pursues his dream in Hollywood and becomes the victim of abuse.

18     LIPS OF RUIN - A gossip sets out to destroy the reputation of a co-worker.

19.    THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT - A grumbling man takes no responsibility for his actions. 

20.   GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS! - The love of women and plenty of them backfires on a man. 

21.  A PAGAN WE GO 'ROUND - This episode exposes religion and three major pagan traditions of Christianity, namely, Easter, Christmas & Sunday worship (Springboard)

22.  BRIBES FOR BILLS - A Congressman caught up in a world of bribes must choose between his love for office and the truth of God. (Springboard)

23. MY BFF, BEER - An alcoholic businessman gives everything up for his best friend, Beer. Will he give up his soul too? (Springboard)

24. BIG BAD BULLY - An executive inherits the pain and suffering he's caused clients he's bullied over the years. (Springboard)