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Do you know what your kids are doing or paying attention to online? Be advise that online VK groups are systematically and consistently working step by step to push children to death. These groups are pushing kids to commit suicide and then glorifying the dead victims on their website for killing themselves much in the same way that a terrorist group glorifies a suicide bomber. It's happening right here in the Western world. Killing yourself seems to be the new "in thing" ...

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TDSB - Partnership

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"We first learn by hearing." These words clanged away at my mind as I sat diliberating whether or not to introduce schools to COBRAMAN PLEDGE TO PEER. "It's worth a shot", I told myself, "kids are dieing", and away I went.

After contacting TDSB, a very nice lady by the name of, Karen Lawson, got back to me immediately and pointed me in the right direction. I proceeded to fill out TDSB partneship agreement, essentially a bunch of paperwork. Here's ...

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new years resolutions

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My goal this year is to keep busy. Remain steadfast in love toward brethen. Learn and grow in soul and spirit. Honor God in everything that I do. Tell me about your resolutions.


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FAITH is what keeps us going. We must believe in ourselves in order to step out into the world - a cold, hard, selfish world where we learn valuable lessons and subsequently evolve into a better version of ourselves.

HOPE is something we all need. As humans we put hope in our dreams and our future. Without hope there is no desire to go on living.

PERSEVERANCE is what brin...

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I created Cobraman to take the fight on bullying to another level. Cobraman also provides me with an opportunity to pass on everything I've learned about love, hope, faith and perseverance to the next generation. The message is this; You can be anything you want to be, in spite of everyday challenges, so long as you believe in yourself and never give up. If Cobraman did it, so can you.


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Once upon a time Christ was a mere lifeline. That has changed. My entire world revolves around the love of my life - my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As a wife and servant of Jesus Christ, I take my responsibilities as a Christian very seriously. When dealing with people, I understand how important it is to walk in a spirit of Love, and everyday, I do my best to live righteously in thought and deed which would not be possible without the Grace of God. I find the more I aim to please God, the...

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Super Hero Title

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Since marvel has the trademark for the words, "super hero" we shall refer to cobraman as an "action hero" but he's really so much more. Cobraman represents inner strength, hope, faith & perseverance. He's the bridge between ignorance and change. A proud advocate of justice and children's rights. Cobraman bleeds love. He's a great heart and a humble soul. An action hero with the world upon his shoulders. I encourage you to join team Cobraman and beco...

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The New Year Has Arrived!

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Time flies. Serves as a reminder to utilize the hours in the day wisely. Don't procrastinate. Prioritize, stay focused, get done what needs to done. Be grateful for what you have. Give more. Laugh a lot. Count your blessing. Love one another. Believe. Have Faith. Keep hoping. Set realistic goals and work toward them, one day at a time. Perservance is the key. Stop worrying. It will come. Happy New Year to you all!

The Ultimate man of FHP (Faith, Hope & Perseverance)

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They cheated Him, and He forgave. They plotted against Him, and He forgave. They ridiculed Him, and He forgave. They lied on Him, and He forgave. They turned their back, and He forgave. They pierced Him, and He forgave. They betrayed Him, and He forgave. They beat Him, and He forgave. They accused Him, and He forgave. They doubted Him, and He forgave. They spat on Him, and He forgave. They cursed Him, and He forgave. They whipped Him, and He forgave. They antagonized Him, and He forgave. They...

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I have courage in you to make the right dississaen and don't start a fight. But only if someone hits you first. So little cobra or big cobras no matter what do not start a fight.

I have faith and hope in you :D