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FAITH is what keeps us going. We must believe in ourselves in order to step out into the world - a cold, hard, selfish world where we learn valuable lessons and subsequently evolve into a better version of ourselves.

HOPE is something we all need. As humans we put hope in our dreams and our future. Without hope there is no desire to go on living.

PERSEVERANCE is what brin...

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I created Cobraman to take the fight on bullying to another level. Cobraman also provides me with an opportunity to pass on everything I've learned about love, hope, faith and perseverance to the next generation. The message is this; You can be anything you want to be, in spite of everyday challenges, so long as you believe in yourself and never give up. If Cobraman did it, so can you.

Superbowl Sunday --- Woweeeeee!

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The kids and I are getting geared up for the big game. About 2 hours away. Got Pizza. Trying not to devour it before the game starts. Enjoy the game people!

What It Means To Persevere.

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When you feel like you got nothing left but you suck it up and keep pressing toward the goal, one day at a time. Eight, nine, ten years have gone by and you're still standing... still working hard... still dreaming... still hoping. The finish line's much closer than the starting line and so quitting's not an option. You've past the point of no return. You sense it... the mark of achievement.  Your big break is definately coming, you just don't know...

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The New Year Has Arrived!

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Time flies. Serves as a reminder to utilize the hours in the day wisely. Don't procrastinate. Prioritize, stay focused, get done what needs to done. Be grateful for what you have. Give more. Laugh a lot. Count your blessing. Love one another. Believe. Have Faith. Keep hoping. Set realistic goals and work toward them, one day at a time. Perservance is the key. Stop worrying. It will come. Happy New Year to you all!

The Ultimate man of FHP (Faith, Hope & Perseverance)

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They cheated Him, and He forgave. They plotted against Him, and He forgave. They ridiculed Him, and He forgave. They lied on Him, and He forgave. They turned their back, and He forgave. They pierced Him, and He forgave. They betrayed Him, and He forgave. They beat Him, and He forgave. They accused Him, and He forgave. They doubted Him, and He forgave. They spat on Him, and He forgave. They cursed Him, and He forgave. They whipped Him, and He forgave. They antagonized Him, and He forgave. They...

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Life is Precious

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Life is very precious. Life is a gift -  a HUGE GIFT that should not be taken for granted or toyed around with. In 2012 a dear friend of mine died at the ripe age of 48. She lived in the fast lane most of her life. Long story short, she became ill with cancer and died a short time after. It is at this time when I realized the preciousness of human life. I learned that a rich life consists of serving and loving one another, and that huma...

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