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In my opinion, the democratic national convention takes the cake thus far. Day 3 starts today. The energy, the unity, the passion, the stories, the love over the past two days has been surreal. I teared up a few times during speeches from moms whose kids were killed from cops, and when the children of Mexican undocumented immigrants spoke about how hard their parents worked in the states to provide for their families, the tears came hard. We are all one people. We are a part of the human...

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Life's never boring. There's something new and exciting to discover every day. Be still, listen, and learn.

Be fit, ASAP!

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Hurry, you need to be fit, superhero! No, it doesn't take a trainer to get there. Simply have a seat... lay down. Here is a simple fitness tool:

1. sit (in your chair or preferably rocker)

2. put both feet in the air

3. kick up and down, up and down...

4. do this for a few minutes, rest a few minutes and repeat

5. try this laying in bed as well, same concept (imagine the bed as your chair's back)

Hope to help, at least some... love y...

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A balance life works well for me. I find that when I stick the schedule, I enjoy my life. I also sleep well at night. Here's the recipe that I use to keep my life balanced.(Body) Exercise everyday - walk, jog, anything that works up a little sweat will work. I enjoy aerobics, hitting the bag, a little strength training, walk an awful lot too. (Mind) Get a job, find a hobby, read, read, read. Gotta keep the mind busy. Remember, the brain is a muscle. Like any other muscle in the body...

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