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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump lie a lot. That said, I'm in Clinton's corner. Her work in public service and experience as first lady is enough to win my vote. Oh but wait... I'm not a American. Sorry Hillary. I can't vote, Gosh :(

Trump doesn't hide who he is, but he won't say who he is either. With Trump all you got to do is read between the lines to figure him out. No doubt, the guy's a racist, and a sexist, and has had dealing with Russia.  When asked whether or not he'd met Putin. Trump replied "not that I recall."...lol.

"America Great Again".... Trump's speaking of America back in the day when euro-American's (white people) had all the power. You guessed it. Slavery days. It's true. America was mapped out/designed by euro-American's, but who built the railroads...?? who build the white house...?? who built American cities and infrastructure with their own hands, blood, sweat and tears ??? Was America not built on the backs of African-American Slaves (black people) ?? And let's not forget about the native peoples who occupied North America (and south america) before any other race of people only to have their land stolen by their deceivers - the european-american's. The Mexican people are Native people! America is their land too! Open a history book people. It's all there. Build a wall ?? Are you kidding me?! And what about the millions of people around the world who migrated to the states and worked tirelessly to strengthen and secure America's economy ?? Sorry Donald. America has never and will never be an entirely white nation. Trump's a joke... a dangerous joke. Did you hear the stories surrounding the debates ? Trump apparently wants to reschedule the debate dates because the dates are on football nights... lol. Who does Donald Trump think he's fooling ? He's obviously trying to get out of the debates because he knows Clinton will utterly expose his weaknesses and embarass him. Trump's no match for Clinton in a one-on-one date. He will lose - royally! For sure  Trump's terrified to debate Clinton. Here's how the debates will go down. Trump will show up for the first debate. Clinton will destroy him. Trump will abandon the three remaining debates. I could be wrong. Let's see.

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