Hiring Personnel Favorite Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a bully record search?

ANSWER: It has only been in the past few years that companies have begun to recognize bullying’s financial costs on the workplace. According to scholars at The Project for Wellness and Work-Life at Arizona State University, “workplace bullying is linked to a host of physical, psychological, organizational and social costs. The effects of bullying are often so severe that post-traumatic stress disorder and even suicide are not uncommon,” wrote assessment and rehabilitation consultant Noreen Tehrani. The physical and mental damage left from bullying is similar to that of battered women and victims of child abuse.

Organizations need to recognize the costs involved with keeping a bully on staff. There’s a loss of productivity for the victim and other staff members who are also affected. There are medical and sick leave expenses from stress-related health issues. According to the American City Business Journal, a survey of 9,000 federal employees indicated that 42 percent of female and 15 percent of male employees reported being harassed within a two-year period, resulting in a cost of more than $180 million in lost time and productivity. SOURCE

Can recruiters/staffing agencies use this service?

ANSWER: Absolutely. The last thing a recruiter wants is to lose a client because a job candidate turned out to be a workplace bully. Keep clients happy and coming back by going the extra mile with a bully record search.

What is the difference between a criminal record check and a bully record check?

ANSWER: A criminal background check usually includes a search of civil and criminal court filings, credit information and personal history, including verification of degrees and past employment. A bully background check includes a search of our database inundated with bullying complaints across North America. A bully background check also searches for bullying complaints online. Keep in mind, a job candidate may have a clean criminal record yet still be a bully who can cause havoc in the workplace. Both a criminal and bully record search should be conducted in order to find the perfect job candidate.

How does it work?

ANSWER: Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1.) Hiring personnel sends us the job candidate details.

2.) A specially designed application checks our database as well as online for a match based on specified keywords.

3.) If a match is found in our database, our system generates a png image of the row containing information based on the bully search including the alleged bullying incident(s). The results are forwarded to your account for your viewing. If a match is found online, a clickable link will appear in your account. Click on the link and see what we found. 

** Under no circumstances, will we issue a bully record search certificate for an individual who has been reported to or detected by us for bullying **


Should I hire someone who's been reported as a bully?

ANSWER: We don't get involved in the hiring process. The hiring decision is solely at the discretion of the employer.

How often should a company conduct a bully search record on employees?

ANSWER: That's totally up to the company. We recommend once a year. Better to be safe than sorry.

Is it legal to report someone for bullying?

ANSWER: It's not against the law to pass along complaints of bullying. In fact, anti-bullying organizations around the world (including ours) strongly encourage individuals to speak up and expose any and all forms of bullying.

How long will my company name remain in the scroll of praise?

ANSWER: We will only remove a company name from the scroll of praise when they've stopped doing business with us for 60 consecutive days.

What countries do you service?

ANSWER: For now, Canada and the United States. These two countries is where all of our bullying complainants reside.

How many reported cases of bullying do you have in your database?

ANSWER: As of 2018, there are roughly 1 million complaints of bullying across North America in our database. These days, we receive at least 100 complaints every day.

Where can I find more information on workplace bullying?

ANSWER: In the States, Workplace Bullying Institute. In Canada, CCOHS

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