A great way to help a school bully is to EXPOSE a school bully. Please fill out the form below for every single incident of bullying that you witness even if the bullying incident involves the same bully and victim. The more information that you provide the better. The information provided will be stored in our database and handed over to the authorities as supporting evidence in cases of on-going harassment which lead to bodily harm or BULLYCIDE and so please be totally honest in what you report below. Your name/identity will never be revealed to the POLICE unless you are the one being bullied.

How It Works: Daily, we scour the internet for the latest news on bullying. When we come across a news story surrounding bullying which led to severe bodily harm or bullycide we firstly gather as much facts as possible, but if we are unable to locate data about the alleged bully online, we reach out to the guardian of the bully victim and ask for the alleged bully's personal details such name, physical description, address etc. We then run a search in our database to see if the alleged bully's been reported to us in the past. If a match is found in our database, we forward the information (in the form below) to the area police and/or district attorney's office. It is our hope that the information you provide in the form below will help bring justice to the bully victim if the case goes to court. We can't do this without your help. Let's work together to make the world a better place. Thank you for your contribution. TEAM COBRA MAN.


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