CURRENCY-FREE COMMUNITY: In a needy world where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, we envision a plant where love makes the world go around. Our motto is a simple one; freely give, freely receive. We need help building Cobraman's social network. Hop on board and reap the benefits of giving and receiving in Cobraman Currency-Free Community.

USE YOUR VOICE: We get it. Life's about building up & encouraging one another & spreading the love. Here we find purpose. Here we find joy. Join hands with us and blog. You'd be surprised in the power of words. You may in fact change/save a life. Register here.

HOMELESS CAMPAIGN: Homelessness is a huge urban problem which negatively effects lives. Become a Street Ambassador. Info.

HELP A BULLY: An effective way to help a bully is to expose a bully.

BECOME A SPONSOR: Contact us and let us know how you would like to contribute to this organization. We receive absolutely no private or government funding. We need you!

PETITION: We are trying to lead by example and strengthen bullying laws across Ontario and set the tone for other nations to do the same. We need your support. Sign here.

ANTI-BULLYING GAMES, TOYS,  COMICS, & MERCHANDISE: Most of our merchandise bares Cobraman's logo (fanged "C") which represents inner strength. Wear Cobraman gear proud and spread bullying awareness.

GET A LICENSE: He's a bully buster. He's popular. He's cool. He's loved. He's Cobraman! The single most effective way to end bullying (and make extra cash) is to license the man of hope, faith & perseverance. Licensing info.

COBRAMAN MOVIE:  Invest in our action-packed, thriller. Rated 13 PG. Learn more about the Cobraman Movie here.

PLACE OUR BANNER ON YOUR WEBSITE: Place the mouse pointer over the banner below, right click, choose "save image as", then left click to save the image on your hard drive. Upload the image to a page on your website. Feel free to adjust the size of the banner.