Team Cobraman is on a mission to rid the world of homelessness, but we can't do it all alone. Read on to find out how to become Cobraman Street Ambassador and what's in it for you.

 Cobraman Creator, Michell Archibald's, Testimony: Some of the items that I hand out to people living on the street. I call them LOVE BAGS . My daughter and I fill up a jumbo-sized shipping barrel with toiletries and pocket-sized non-perishable snacks which can be purchased for next to nothing at the dollar store. When the barrel is full (takes about a month to fill the barrel since we're low income) we package the items for distribution. The most delicious sandwich, a list of help resources, and a five dollar bill is placed into each love bag on the day of delivery. I then take to the streets of downtown looking for people to love. Upon entering downtown's core, I almost always run up on several homeless people who accept a bag of goodies with a smile of appreciation.

The Reasons People Are Homeless

Mental illness, lack of life skills, substance abuse, stagnant or declining incomes, rapidly growing shelter costs and reductions in social assistance are but a few. The main reason is because there is very little love in the world. As a result hope has vanished. Without hope there is no sight of a prosperous future. Without sight of a prosperous future many people turn to the street for love or lack thereof. Humans can not survive without love as we are creatures of love -  created to love and be loved.

The Chronically Homeless


A significant proportion of the chronically homeless population suffers from some combination of mental illness, addiction, history of trauma and physical disability making it difficult to work and have relationships. Lack of ongoing services can result in this population repeatedly using emergency facilities including shelter beds, hospital resources and the justice system. The result – a high cost to both the individual and emergency service providers.

The Working Poor

Even many who work find themselves in need of assistance.Those who manage to pay rent often rely heavily on other community services for free food and clothing. Catastrophic events such as illness, family breakdown or job loss can often result in temporary homelessness for the working poor who then can be found in shelters, on the streets or surfing from couch to couch.


Many of us have judged, mocked, walked or driven by a homeless person. Some of us don't acknowledge their presence. The good news is that it's never too late to help. Cobraman.ca is the perfect place to start. We love being out on the street helping the homeless, not to mention the wonderful, inspiring stories of faith, hope and perseverance that have impacted our lives so deeply. People living out on the street are so humble.. so kind... so sweet. Team Cobraman feels a deep rooted connection to homeless people, so deep in fact, Cobraman Creator, Michell Archibald, wrote a teleplay, "HEART OF LOCUST" which addresses homelessness from a perspective of pure love.

Imagine a food bank/thrift shop on wheels. In actuality, a food truck like the one below canvassing homeless districts, stashed with non-perishable food, toiletries and clothing items, packed and ready for distribution. That is so like Cobraman:) Your job as Street Ambassador would be the same as our own; distribute food and clothing items to the homeless in your city. You may elect to use your own money and goods to support the homeless, as we do. Another option would be to turn to friends and family for donations. Click on the food truck and tell us where you're from and when you plan on hitting the street, and please remember to register. We'd like to personally welcome you into the Cobraman family. Favorite Asked Questions.