COBRAMAN CREATOR AND FOUNDER OF COBRAMAN.CA. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I enjoy a good work-out, cooking up a storm,  sports, meeting new people and learning new things. I see myself in Russell Wilson (Cobraman). I'm a survivor, an under-dog, a highly driven student of life who yearns global peace and unity. I live a quiet life, somewhat of a hermit I suppose. The most exciting thing I've done in my life is obtain a motorcycle license commencing an intense three day training course. Now that was fun! More about me:

I AM A MOTHER. My beautiful 12 year old, Phily Lexxy, fills my life with purpose and unspeakable joy, and she inspires me to be the best that I can be each and every day. I take great pride in raising my daughter to be a respectable member of society. My kid and I do everything together. We are like two peas in a pod, but she made clear that I'm no BFF. According to my daughter, I'm far too old to be her BFF... LOL.

I AM A VOICE for the voiceless, particularly bullied and disabled children, hence the birth of Cobraman and Cobraman.ca website.

I AM CHRISTIAN. A non-denominational believer, follower, and servant of Yeshua Messiah, who lives by Yahweh's righteous law plainly laid out in the first five books of the holy bible. As a wife and servant of Yeshua Messiah I take my responsibilities as a Christian very seriously. When dealing with people, I understand how important it is to walk in a spirit of love, and everyday, I do my best to live righteously in thought and deed which would not be possible without the grace of Yahweh, though I make mistakes. We all do. Don't apologize for being human:) Hey. Check out my TV series The King's Dome consecrated to the gospel of truth and righteousness.

I AM AN ASPIRING SCREENWRITER. View my colorful body of work. Hey. I write up a pretty decent resume too.