Copyright Number: 1118587

Registration Number: 1319942

Trademark: Fanged "C"

Genre: Action-Adventure (Live Action)

Logline: A teen aged boy with super powers sets out to stop a super villain terrorizing a city and killing cops. Violence against the police will not be tolerated!

Synopsis: Cobraman Movie is a story about Russell Wilson, a bullied teen with a speech impediment. Russell is bitten by a cobra snake during a field trip. His life begins to drastically change when he transforms into a cobra snake and forced into the role of a superhero (Cobraman) when a super villain named ZAP begins to slaughter city cops.

After visiting with a psychic, Russell, comes to learn that he'd been CURSED and sets out to find the obeah woman responsible for cursing him. The story takes us on a journey of heart and soul as, Russell, comes face to face with the ultimate dilemma; take on the role of a superhero, face his deepest fears and save the city, or take the necessary steps to reverse the curse and reclaim his life.

Russell's the ultimate under dog sure to instill faith, hope & perseverance into the hearts and minds of viewers as he overcomes his fears and insecurities, and battles his way to victory.


The screenplay for the feature length movie along with the pilot for television have been written (same story line). Interested in co-producing our material? You may request to read the script or storyboard by clicking here. Did you know that Cobraman creator owns the rights to several screenplays for option?

The Curse