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Michell Archibald is an aspiring screenwriter from Ontario currently producing the first ever anti-bullying super hero feature movie. Cobraman Movie was created to accomplish 3 specific goals:

  • Bring awareness to the issues surrounding bullied and disabled kids 
  • Instill the importance of morals and values into the hearts and minds of bullies, using Cobraman as a role-model
  • Provide bullying education and empower bystanders, educators and parents to change the social climate of the school

If that were not enough, Michell is in the process of contacting schools across North America and introducing them to Cobraman Pledge to Peer..The pledge was created by Michell & her daughter, Phily-Lexxy, to help remind kids to love one another. Research shows that if kids repeat words, they learn more. Michell believes that if a simple pledge of love is uttered over the school p.a. system, daily in unity (much like the national anthem) then the pledge will become embedded into the hearts and minds of children and help end bullying. The bully fighting mother-daughter duo has also created a full line up of anti-bullying games. Michell truly believes that anti-bullying toys and games are the wave of the future; a smart and entertaining way to educate kids on bullying.

Why An Anti-Bullying Super Hero? Not only do children adore super heroes, becoming a super hero in their play allows them to access some sense of power. It can help them act out and process any inner turmoil and sense of powerlessness that they have. A study found that this can help children to resolve issues of power and control, and it allows them to resolve or reduce fears and anxiety. Hence the birth of Cobraman - a real life social justice advocate especially designed to instill faith, hope & perseverance into the hearts and minds of vulnerable children.

Cobraman initiatives are for bullied and disabled kids and teens who lost their lives due to bullying. Their deaths will not be in vain. Michell Archibald created Cobraman in 2008 when her then four year old daughter, Phily-Lexxy, fell victim to bullying. Former bully victim and inspiration, Phily-Lexxy, shares her testimony with the world in the name of bullying awareness. Let's work together to keep our kids safe and kick bullying to the curb once and for all. Off to the races!