Why An Anti- Bullying Super Hero Motivational Speaker? Not only do children adore super heroes, becoming a super hero in their play allows them to access some sense of power. It can help them act out and process any inner turmoil and sense of powerlessness that they have. A study found that this can help children to resolve issues of power and control, and it allows them to resolve or reduce fears and anxiety. Hence the birth of Cobraman - a real life social justice advocate especially designed to instill faith, hope & perseverance into the hearts and minds of children - bullies and their respective victims.

Our motivational speakers derive from a Psychology professional background and/or have been victims of bullying. A few are former bullies. The session covers anti-social behavior and teach anti-bullying ethics and morals, along with self defense techniques.  Here's a fantastic video of Cobraman speaking at a middle school in Mississauga (Coming soon)

Note: Starting September 2019 Cobraman will be available to make appearances in Toronto and the GTA, Peel, Durham, York and surrounding regions until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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In an effort to help bring awareness to the bullying epidemic, We've created a pledge for young people. It's called COBRAMAN PLEDGE TO PEER. We believe that this simple pledge will remind young people to love one another, especially if the pledge is uttered over the p.a system right after the national anthem in the morning in unity. We strongly encourage schools and children organizations to implement the pledge into anti-bully initiatives and help end bullying. Please fill out the form below to use Cobraman Pledge to Peer free of charge in your school/organization.


Got it! You've just taken the first step to help end bullying. THANK YOU! We encourage you to start using COBRAMAN PLEDGE TO PEER right away and encourage others to do the same.
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A great way to help a school bully is to expose a school bully. The information provided is stored in our database and handed over to the authorities as supporting evidence in cases of on-going harassment which lead to bodily harm or bullycide.

We're working diligently on a mobile app that will enable students to report bullying. In the meantime, we are asking schools to encourage student to report all forms of bullying using our online form.


Some of the biggest names in psychology, including Jean Piaget and Jerome Bruner, believe that play is a child’s work. The best way to teach kids, they say, is through hands-on, active learning. But with state benchmarks and performance-based teacher evaluations hanging above a teacher's head, it’s hard for educators to imagine spending precious academic time playing games with kids. That’s where game-based learning comes in. Games are the vehicle and environment for learning.

According to Bruner, students who engage in hands-on learning and play-based activities experience the following benefits:

  • buoyed creativity
  • increased motivation
  • enhanced problem-solving skills
  • a greater sense of personal responsibility
  • the joy of autonomy and independence

What teacher doesn’t want her students to be motivated, creative, smart, responsible, and filled with joy inside and outside classroom life? When we found out that there are less than five tangible anti-bullying games on the market, we put our heads together, went to work and created a few tangible anti-bullying games for kids. Note that, our games were not developed to address mental health issues or suicidal tendencies in children. Our games are a unique and useful educational tool to combat bullying. The games were created for kids age 4 +, especially designed to teach kids to love one another and say no to bullying. Kids love our games. So will your students. We recommend 4-5 of each game per classroom. 

FYI:  Bullycide is claiming the lives of children at an alarming rate. We pray that you will join hands with us and welcome Cobraman initiatives into your learning facility in a joint effort to make schools a safer place for children. We encourage you to go the extra mile. Ask friends and family to jump on board. There are so many ways to help us spread bullying awareness.

Team Cobraman would like to especially thank 10 year old Alexa for donating this fabulous picture of Cobraman. Girl, you really rocked the logo!